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Concept of Project “tell me”

A long-term project with the main focus to visualise thought processes.

The told or written expression of the perception of a person looking at a work of art are collected on the occasion of exhibitions/installations and shown in further installations/exhibitions.


These perception expressions (as I call it here) represent on the one hand, how contemporary art is seen, experienced or perceived. On the other hand these told or written expressions will also affect my own thought and work processes.


Work and installations developed during this project can be taken as reflections of my own thought process at a given time and always refers to place, history and/ or a given topic.




Investigate the cause that releases thought processes. It interests me to find out how thought processes express themselves in my work and how they affect viewers of a work of art.


Give the viewers of a work of art the option to take part or be part of a work of art as lookers of a work of art are however always part of the art developing process.


Increase the importance of the question of a social responsibility in contemporary art practice.


Increase communication transparency in contemporary visual arts practice.




As the viewer of a work of art is taking part in a work of art the indirect or direct argument with art-viewers by questionnaires or by video questioning is an integral component in the current process of my work.


Thought processes thereby released may affect the thinking of those I ask and also my own thinking. This can affect my further working process. The answers of a person that I have questioned will ideally be presented in a subsequent installation.


At the same time this subsequent installation can serve to place the same questions again or also to propose new questions. These new questions may deal with another topic, which I take up due to the process that the project may take me to.

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